White Wolf Shooting Range has been developed to promote firearm safety for First nation people and surrounding communities.  First nation people have the right to hunt and fish in order to provide food for their families and now there exists a place for first nations people and surrounding community members to be able to safely and legally discharge firearms to practice and prepare for the hunt.  It is so important that all firearm users be respectful and responsible as we are the minority in Canada and must continue to advocate for our traditional and cultural hunting rights.


*Notice: Provincial Response Level: CAUTION

Community transmission of COVID-19 is occurring. However, case counts have dropped and vaccination rates are increasing. The virus is being transmitted at levels that public health and the health care system can manage. As of Saturday, August 7, the Chief Provincial Public Health Officer has set the response level to yellow.

Changes to existing Public Health Orders will take effect August 7, 2021 at 12:01 a.m. and will remain in effect until 12:01 a.m. on September 7, 2021

Outdoor Sports and Recreation

  • No capacity limits for participants. Includes games, practices, competitions/ tournaments, day camps, rehearsals and recitals.
  • Spectator capacity limited to 50 per cent of the capacity of a place. This includes other teams who are not active on the field of play (ex: at a tournament) and spectators should maintain a two-metre distance whenever reasonably possible.

Current Guideline Interpretations as per our Range Layout:

  • Masks are Optional.
  • Please use the self-assessment screening tool below before going to the range.
  • Please continue to maintain 2 meters space from each other.
  • Bookings are no longer in place, please use the calendar only for special events.

    Range Bookings can be made on the following page – “Bookings for Special Events”
  • Non-restricted Building #1 (Enclosed)
  • Non-restricted Building#1 (Sheltered)
  • Restricted Building #1 (Enclosed)
  • Restricted Building #2 (Sheltered)  

When booking, please be specific to the date, the time, the building, and include the names of those who are accompanying you as a range member.  Thanks!

Don’t forget to pay your 2021 renewal fee:)

The Gate Code has been changed on January 1st 2021. 

If you have paid your fees, you can now request the Gate Code. 




Please read the attachment before you go to the Range Property!