Shooting Range

Cory Seymour - marksman and owner of White Wolf Shooting Range

Summary of the Wording on Range permits as issued by the C.F.C.

Rifle Range #1 : Building 1 & 2 (25 to 300 yards)

  • has been approved using the templates groups “.22 Long Rifle, .223 Remington, .308 Winchester and .338 Lapua Magnum.”
  • This range is approved for non-reactive target type shooting only (NO bowling pins, NO hard silhouette targets).
  • The use of .50 calibre is NOT authorized for use on this range.

Handgun Range #2: Building 3 & 4 (25 to 75 yards)

  • Has been approved using template groups “.22 Long Rifle, 9mm Parabellum and .357 S & W Magnum.”
  • Has also been approved for the shoooting of rifle cartridges contained in the template groups “.22 Long Rifle and .223 Remington and .308 Winchester”.
  • This range is approved for shooting reactive target types (i.e.) bowling pins, steel platesetc. shooting without covers.  Shooters must be a minimum of 10 meters from the targets.
  • The use of .50 calibre is NOT authorized for use on this range.

*Range # 1 (Non-Restricted) & #2 (Restricted) must cease fire when shooters from Range #1 or #2 go down range to change targets.  There will be a flag system put in place in the late Spring, but for now you will need to verbally communicate a “Cease Fire” between ranges.