For many centuries, the first nations people have been hunting & fishing to provide food for their families.  Through any struggle or recession there is always one thing that maintains the survival of the indigenous people and that is their commitment to families and their hunting & fishing rights.  Cory is passionate about sharing his hunting & fishing knowledge and experience with all communities.

Mission Statement

White Wolf Hunting and Fishing will make it top priority to ensure the safety of the community and surrounding communities who will be the customers and will utilize the products and services.  Strong interpersonal skills and knowledge of hunting and fishing will enable White Wolf to carry out the day-to-day business as it strives to:

  • Follow the philosophy that safety comes first for the clients and communities.
  • Offer a true Anishinabe Hunting & Fishing expertise for customers.
  • Provide customers with instruction of the Manitoba Hunter Education couse and the Canadian Firearms Safety Course  both Non-restricted and Restricted.
  • Give customers knowledgeable service and quality products.
  • Be considered as a reliable & informative part of the community.
  • Provide customers quality workmanship when cleaning and refurbishing firearms.

Through a long-term commitment to this mission, White Wolf will be known as a business that assists in educating people on the safety issues when hunting and fishing while providing the retail goods and tools to perfect their skills.   The customers will see White Wolf Hunting & Fishing Supplies as a place to go for knowledgeable service, quality products, and a safe and secure environment to practice and learn the proper techniques for shooting.

White Wolf Hunting & Fishing Supplies offers the following Services:

  • Retail sales of Hunting & Fishing Supplies
  • Retail sales of Confectionery Items, Novelty, & Local Artwork
  • The Canadian Firearms Safety Course & The Manitoba Hunter Education Course
  • Full service repair and Gunsmithing
  • Shooting Range
  • Rentals of firearm storage lockers
  • 3D Archery Shooting course

White Wolf Hunting & Fishing Supplies continues to offer the following products:

  • Ammunition
  • Gun Accessories
  • Firearms
  • Scopes & Optics
  • Hunting Knives
  • Gun Cleaning Products
  • Hunting Clothing
  • Fishing Rods & Reels
  • Bait & Lures
  • Fishing Nets
  • Hunting & Fishing Licenses
  • Archery and trapping equipment connections
  • Native Arts & Crafts
  • Confectionery Items
  • Tobacco Products

White Wolf Hunting & Fishing Supplies will enhance, promote, and support the fact that all people have the right to hunt & fish and must use that right in a safe and respectful manner. The business will offer its clientele an opportunity to educate themselves in regards to safety when hunting & fishing.  They will be able to obtain quality products & knowledgeable service at reasonable prices.

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