awa_logoAlexander Wildlife Association Inc. 2009 is a non-profit organization and is affiliated with Manitoba Wildlife Federation.  It is considered to be a shooting club for firearms and archery.  The club was established to help promote and conserve hunting & fishing in Southern Manitoba and by joining you are agreeing to abide by and support the constitution and objectives of Manitoba Wildlife Federation.


How to become an active member:

Due to Covid 19:

All Tours and Safety Videos need to be booked and masks are required


All applications must be emailed and/or mailed in for processing.

  1. Fill out application form and mail it in with Cheque, Money Order, or e-transfer to
  2. Provide a copy of your PAL and 1 piece of valid Manitoba Identification
  3. Complete Safety Component-watch DVD and fill out and sign appropriate form.
  4. Make arrangements to meet one Executive to take the tour of the Range.
  5. Receive gate access combination code
  6. You are officially a member!

Note:  You must have your PAL or be in the process of attaining it to become a member.

Membership benefits included from MWF:

  • MWF offers members $2,000,000 Third Party Supplemental Sportsmen’s Liability Insurance and $5000 Accidental Death or Dismemberment Insurance as a result of a hunting or fishing accident as well as an additional $3000 any type of accidental death or dismemberment insurance.
  • A subscription to the Outdoor Edge/Wildlife Crusader magazine (6 issues per membership year)
  • 10% discount on MWF merchandise
  • Members’ only section on MWF website

Location– Just off PTH 59  –  Driveway 99159   Directly across from rd 100 North

Beaconia, Manitoba    –   NW 1/4 of 23-17-7epm


Membership Renewal Letter

Membership Application Form

Range Safety Rules