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Welcome our website! We hope you find some interesting and useful information. Please check out some of our upcoming events list below!

Upcoming Events postponed…


1.) RANGE INSPECTION – 1/2 DAY CLOSED Tuesday, September 29th 9am-Noon

2.) Covid 19 Restrictions – Physical Distancing in Effect 

“2 meters apart & under 10 people at the range at all times” 

If have any flu-like symptoms please be respectful and stay home:) 

If you have traveled outside of the country or province please respect the 14 day quarantine policies mandated by the provincial & federal government.

  • Fall – PAL & Hunter’s Education Course dates-Postponed due to Covid 19
  • Spring Annual Meeting Postponed due to Covid 19

3.) Join MWF and AWA in our efforts to oppose the Federal Government’s new firearms control policies.  We all have the opportunity to demand, as legal and law abiding firearm owners that our Provincial Government supports us in the same way (or more so) that the Alberta Government has.  Get informed and involved by writing letters to our Municipal, Provincial and Federal Governments.  Sample letters are posted on the following news link page “Get Informed & Involved… Use Your VOICE!”, so check it out and start writing!!  It is time for us to use our voice, stand up for sport shooting, plinking, and greater firearm owner communities.  We need to support one another in any way we can:) 


OPEN 7 Days a Week!

Monday to Sunday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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Upcoming Fall Events: Postponed due to Covid 19

  • “September Sight-in Saturdays” for non-members
  • Grass Root Gals – Outdoor Women’s Club
  • Hunter’s Education & Canadian Firearm Safety Courses

Upcoming Spring & Summer Events: Postponed due to Covid 19


  • Junior Shotgun Program
  • “Survival” Summer Day Camp
  • Shooting Clubs for Men & Women
  • Family Days at the Range
  • Archery