Get Informed & Involved… Use Your VOICE!

Sample Letters:

Download #1: Sample Letter to Members of Parliament

Download #2: Sample Letter to Members of the Legislative Assembly

The Federal Government has renewed its promise to strengthen gun control by allowing municipalities and communities to ban handguns, as well as promising to ban “military style” firearms and implement a firearms buyback program.

AWA is extremely opposed to this approach as it has targeted one of the single most vetted groups of Canadians – legal and law abiding firearms owners.

We also have the opportunity to demand, as legal and law abiding firearms owners that our Provincial Government supports us in the same way (or more so) that the Alberta Government has. Please watch this short video for more information:

We are strong believers in the safe use of firearms and firearms education. We are also strong believers in not demonizing firearms based on looks alone, and instead believe that clear, transparent and common sense firearms laws are part of the solution. Further, we believe that all levels of Government should be addressing the root causes of violent crime in Canada, namely social issues, criminal gangs, mental health and poverty. Finally, Government should be investing in tougher penalties for straw purchasers as well as methods to curb the illegal import of firearms from the United States.

Attached above are two letter templates. We are asking our members to please use these sample letters as a guide to write your own letter(s) and send them off to your Municipal, Provincial, and Federal Government as they are your Members of Parliament and Members of the Legislative Assembly and need to hear our voices; the voices of Manitoba’s tax paying citizens, the voices of voters, the voices of legal and law abiding firearm owners.

While many of these new laws will initially affect sport shooters, this sets a dangerous precedence for further and more wide ranging bans. It is time for us to use our voice, stand up for sport shooting, plinking, and greater firearms owner communities. We need to support one another in any way we can.